How Employment Background Checks Can Help Guide Your Recruitment Process

When the labor market is tight and unemployment is low, companies are often willing to go to extreme lengths to streamline their hiring process and secure top talent. However, if those lengths involving skipping essential background checks, you are putting your organization at risk.

While most candidates are likely reasonably honest about their qualifications and relevant parts of their history, some might choose to embellish or downplay certain points. Other job seekers may blatantly lie, hoping to squeak past the hiring manager and get selected anyway.

Often, a range of background checks and screening options are the best way to determine whether a candidate is presenting themselves accurately. If you are wondering which ones you should use, here are some options worth adding to your recruitment process.

Work and Education Verification

Work history and education verifications allow companies to confirm that a candidate is being honest about their past experiences. At a minimum, employers can learn where the job seeker has worked and when, where they went to school, and if they have a degree or certificate.

If you choose to perform this background check prior to any interviews being scheduled, you can make sure that you only invite candidates whose resumes are accurate. This can save you time by allowing you to focus on job seekers who genuinely have the experience they are claiming.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol testing allows companies to determine if a candidate may be partaking in substances that are illegal, could hinder performance, or might put people’s lives at risk. These are more common for positions where operating heavy machinery or company vehicles is a requirement for the job. However, any company with a strict drug and alcohol policy made require such screening, as long as it is permitted by state and federal law.

Usually, if a drug and alcohol test is a requirement, it should be conducted before a formal offer is extended. That way, you can check several top candidates in case your first choice fails.

Criminal Background Checks

By conducting a criminal background check, companies can determine if a candidate has a past conviction that may disqualify them from employment. For example, individuals with DUIs might not be eligible to drive company vehicles, which could make them unable to perform the duties associated with the role. Similarly, certain industry regulations and compliance requirements dictate that individuals with specific convictions aren’t allowed to be employed in a particular workplace or kind of job.

It is wise to conduct a criminal background check before a formal offer is extended. You can make sure that a candidate wouldn’t be disqualified based on past convictions, allowing you to only move forward with the top job seeker who is eligible for hire in this regard.

Social Security Number Verification

A Social Security Number verification allows employers to confirm that a candidate is eligible to work in the United States. It enables the company to make sure that the name, birth date, and Social Security Number belong to the individual, increasing the odds that the employer is compliant with employment laws and regulations.

Driving Abstracts or Motor Vehicle Reports

Since simple traffic tickets do not show up on a criminal background check, acquiring a driving abstract or motor vehicle report might be necessary if the candidate will have to drive as part of their job. Any driving offense that isn’t a felony or misdemeanor, such as speeding, will show on these reports but aren’t found on criminal history reports. By conducting these checks before a job offer is made, you can make sure that a candidate is eligible to perform all the duties associated with the job.

It is important to note that background check laws and regulations can vary by state. As a result, companies need to review local requirements before conducting any checks to make sure their approach is compliant.

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