Main Benefits of Having a Vendor-On-Premise

Many companies have complex and cumbersome hiring needs. One prime example is a large company that experiences dramatic seasonal fluctuations as it needs to be able to ramp up or down quickly and efficiently. However, that isn’t the only situation where a vendor-on-premise (VOP) solution can make a difference. Any company that feels overwhelmed by its hiring needs and the sheer amount of work involved in managing personnel-related activities could benefit from a VOP partnership.

A VOP can handle virtually any employee management need a business may have, allowing company leaders to focus their energies elsewhere. If you are wondering whether a vendor-on-premise solution is right for your organization, here is a look at the main benefits a VOP provides.

Recruitment and Screening

With a vendor-on-premise, you gain access to recruitment specialists. Not only are they highly adept at locating top talent for your vacant positions, but they are also incredibly skilled at screening candidates to ensure they are the right fit.

Often, a VOP provider has access to a massive talent pool, allowing you to tap job seekers that may otherwise have been inaccessible. Plus, the VOP will go the extra mile, conducting thorough interviews, administering skills tests, handling references and background checks, and taking any other step that can help ensure any chosen candidate is a right-fit one.

Plus, a VOP allows all your recruitment processes to be standardized. This ensures that every candidate, regardless of the position, has a high-quality hiring experience. Not only can this boost your brand and overall engagement, but it also increases your odds of being seen as an employer of choice.

Employee Training

At times, a candidate will have a significant amount of potential but will need a little something more to make them the perfect professional for the job. When this happens, a vendor-on-premise can provide the employee training that job seeker needs. Along with reducing your administrative burden, the VOP is also reducing risk, ensuring that only those who complete the training successfully move forward.

Timekeeping and Payroll

Payroll is a massive burden. It takes a significant amount of time and can be shockingly complex. With a vendor-on-premise, you no longer have to handle these activities internally. Instead, the VOP can take control of your payroll processes, ensuring the tasks are handled quickly, correctly, and more affordably.

Employee Reviews

A vendor-on-premise does more than just ensure your vacancies are filled with skilled professionals; they also monitor employee performances. You can easily get access to employee review data, ensuring your workforce is achieving your goals. Plus, the VOP will use the information to make smart personnel management decisions, including intervening if an employee isn’t meeting expectations.

Ultimately, a VOP provides companies with a wide range of benefits. If you are looking for a robust vendor-on-premise solution, the team at Apogee Managed Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with one of our vendor-on-premise specialists today and see how our VOP solutions can benefit you.

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