How Job Market Perceptions Have Shifted Over the Past Year

COVID-19 has a significant impact on the business world. However, while re-opening procedures have revitalized many industries and increased candidate access to opportunities, that doesn’t mean job seekers view the job market as they did prior to the pandemic.

Over the past year, there have been many shifts in perception, some of which are likely to remain long-term. If a company wants to become or stay competitive as an employer, understanding what’s changed is essential. That way, you can make proactive choices designed to attract and retain top talent, ensuring you’re viewed favorably today and into the next year.

To help you determine where your priorities should lie, here’s a look at how job market perceptions have shifted over the past year.

The Ability to Work Remotely Takes Center Stage

While it isn’t startling that jobs offering remote work options were favored during the height of the pandemic, what is surprising is how strong the desire for telecommuting programs is today. Many candidates continue to focus on opportunities that are either fully remote or that offer a degree of flexibility, such as the ability to work from home a few days a week.

Many professionals discovered the telecommuting made it easier to maintain a work-life balance. Additionally, they learned that productivity could remain high when working from home. Couple that with concerns about a fall COVID-19 resurgence, and the option to work remotely stays a priority.

Subpar Safety Protocols Are Dealbreakers

When it comes to reasons why a candidate may turn down a job, subpar safety protocols is a big one. Professionals want to work for companies that prioritize their health and wellness. If an organization doesn’t have policies in place to mitigate COVID-19 risks, many job seekers would rather decline the offer than accept the position.

A Sense of Job Security Is a Must

Prior to the pandemic, most professionals weren’t concerned about the stability of their chosen industry or overall job security. However, COVID-19 shook that confidence.

In some cases, a sudden layoff and required closures caused employees to question where they should remain in a particular field. In others, how an employer reacted to the pandemic altered worker perceptions of their company, causing them to doubt whether the organization genuinely cared about them and their well-being.

Regardless of the spurring event, candidates are increasingly seeking out job security when exploring opportunities. They want to find employers that create a sense of safety and community, a place where they are valued and supported, even during challenging times.

Company Culture Remains Crucial

In a similar vein to the point above, candidates are focusing on employers that have strong, positive cultures. Today, it’s much easier to assess what a company brings to the table in this department. Online review sites, social media, and other platforms give candidates places to find a wealth of information about the employee experience. If they feel what an organization can provide doesn’t measure up, they’ll either bypass the opportunity or reject an offer, choosing to continue their search until they find a company that can meet their expectations.

In many cases, the shifts above are likely to remain in place for quite some time. As a result, companies need to adapt, ensuring they can find and keep the talent they need during these unique times.

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