Should You Rethink Workplace Flexibility and Employee Experience?

Today, the business world is in a state of flux. Many companies are bringing employees back into the workplace, experiencing a range of challenges as a result of the transition. Some are also having trouble finding the candidates they need to fill vacant positions, causing them to have little choice but to operate at a reduced capacity.

While many companies would assume that recapturing a sense of normalcy now that re-opening processes are underway is wise, returning to pre-pandemic workplace strategies might not be the best move. Professionals in many industries have new views on work due to their experiences during COVID-19. Additionally, while companies are increasingly welcoming employees back to the workplace, the pandemic isn’t entirely behind us, leaving many workers hesitant to return to business as usual.

If you want to make sure that your company becomes or remains an employer of choice, here’s why you may need to rethink flexibility and the employee experience.

Continuing Workplace Flexibility

It’s long been known that many job functions could easily be managed by a work-at-home employee. However, the pandemic took something that was generally understood and made it abundantly clear.

Today, most professionals don’t just know if their roles can be handled remotely; they also are fully aware of their ability to remain productive while working from home. In some cases, they even discovered that they were more effective when away from a traditional workplace. As a result, a full-time return to an office could be far less appealing.

Additionally, for professionals worried about the state of the pandemic, gathering with others while COVID-19 is still relevant may not seem smart. Even with safety precautions in place, a workplace represents a far greater risk than staying at home. Couple that with parents who may need to surprise children who are still learning from home or individuals who either are at higher risk or live with someone who is, and being at an office all day may not work in their eyes.

While companies can certainly welcome employees back to the workplace, continuing to offer flexibility may be essential. Otherwise, you may struggle to recruit or retain talent who believe that being at the workplace full-time isn’t a great fit.

Re-envisioning the Employee Experience

Companies need to spend time re-envisioning their employee experience. Today, professionals aren’t interacting with their employers the same way. Additionally, certain benefits and perks that provided value pre-pandemic aren’t worth anything now that many professionals are working from home.

If you want to recruit and retain top talent, you need to look at your employee experience through a post-pandemic lens. It’s crucial to explore how your workforce’s priorities and needs have changed, as well as find ways to offer them what they need to thrive both personally and professionally.

By re-envision your employee experience, you can pivot in a new direction. That way, you’ll have what it takes to attract the best and brightest, increasing the odds that your recruitment and retention efforts will be successful.

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