Why Choose Apogee?

We are a woman-owned enterprise, focused on engagement of the contingent workforce. By developing a three-year business plan for each client and leveraging our vast nationwide supplier network, we can focus on winning the war for talent.

We manage every aspect of your contingent workforce so you can focus on achieving your objectives – the business relationships and the outcomes.

Service Process


  1. Voice of the client exercise helps us understand the business needs and design the future state
  2. Gap analysis
  3. Process mapping
  4. ROI analysis
  5. Program charter


  1. Implementation process built on PMI-based project management
  2. Change management
  3. Map the automation
  4. On-site meetings with all stakeholders
  5. Identify supplier partners
  6. Collaboration with key suppliers


  1. Deliver the best talent available in the marketplace
  2. Transition out suppliers and payroll
  3. Introduce:
    • Timekeeping
    • Background checks
    • Drug testing
    • Onboarding
  4. Assist suppliers in meeting peak performance
  5. Build a supplier community


  1. Establish an audit process
  2. Build a balanced scorecard
  3. Identify initial KPIs to measure
  4. Charter annual ROI escalation initiative
  5. Introduce appropriate safety controls


  1. A client-branded contingent worker experience
  2. Custom orientations and training
  3. An app for Apogee partners
  4. Offering unique benefits of the assignment:
    • Not tied to a staffing agency
    • Discounts
    • Safety jackpot
    • Others


  1. Turn data from analytics into wisdom
  2. Teach our clients and supplier partners to behave differently
  3. Create a formal business plan/road map for the long-term enhancement of the program

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