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The right people are the key to your organization’s success. But when your business requires many contingent workers, managing them can take as much time as managing your business.

That’s where Apogee comes in. We partner with top suppliers, so you always have ready access to the people you need for any size project. We pair that partnership with state-of-the-art VMS and collaboration software to handle every detail of workforce management including:

  • Staff requisitioning and training
  • Optimization of workforce levels
  • Diversity spend management
  • Vendor selection and management

Choose your workforce management level:

Contingent Workforce Management

A dedicated coordinator will be assigned to handle the daily administrative and management tasks created by a large temporary workforce.

Vendor Management Systems (VMS)

A range of disparate suppliers will be consolidated through a single, unified VMS system that ensures optimal staffing levels and compliance, reducing co-employment risks.


Temporary employees of your choice can be placed on our payroll. We take care of benefits, workers’ compensation and unemployment claims – you avoid administrative headaches and compliance risks.

Vendor-on-Premise (VOP)

Our on-site representative can recruit, screen and train employees for your facility, track attendance, handle payroll and provide reports, and conduct employee reviews. We’re on-site taking care of the administrative details so you can operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Outsource your entire recruitment function to Apogee. We manage the entire process from recruitment to onboarding so your internal HR team can focus on other tasks.


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