Employer FAQs

How much will it cost my company?

The cost to you will vary based on several factors including account volume, workers’ comp costs and lead time for our staffing managers. Apogee is committed to providing quality employees to your company at a competitive price.

What is the process?

Our efforts begin immediately. Apogee will get the details from you, so we can provide the best services for your needs. By clearly understanding your needs and the requirements, we can help you select the best options.

How long will it take?

The time frame is going to vary based on your specific needs. We are committed to providing you with the best services.

What kind of background checks do you provide?

Every applicant is reference checked based on the work history provided by the applicant. We have some clients who request a drug screen, driving record screen or criminal background check. Apogee can provide these services as well as meet any other needs you might have for background or security checks. These can be coordinated through our office for a fee, or you may decide to do them yourself through your usual service providers.

Why should I use your services?

We are a woman-owned enterprise, focused on engagement of the contingent workforce. By developing a three-year business plan for each client and leveraging our vast nationwide supplier network, we can focus on winning the war for talent. We manage every aspect of your contingent workforce, so you can focus on achieving your objectives – the business, relationship and the outcomes.